• Image of Europa 2011/Utrecht 2001 European tour website only CDS pre-order
  • Image of Europa 2011/Utrecht 2001 European tour website only CDS pre-order
  • Image of Europa 2011/Utrecht 2001 European tour website only CDS pre-order

2011 European tour website only CDR, acoustic session from our soundmans Thomas's backyard in Belgium and the only tracks we have from WGT Leipzig 2011. Also, a second CD recorded live in Utrecht Holland in 2001, previously unreleased.All in perfect quality. This is the deal with 2cd's together. They are pressed CDR'S in card single sleeves. All proceeds go towards recording our new album. When you place your order, if you purchased a 13th Hour Boxset, please let us know the number you have and you will get the promised 'Before the Hour' CD free of charge with the demos on the USB. limited to 100 copies.

Release date November 14th

1. Fall Apart
2. Amongst the Runes
3. Shadowplay
4. Waves of Sorrow (Clifford vocals)
5. Black Roses (Clifford vocals)
6. The Waking Hour (Clifford vocals)
7. God Has Fallen From the Sky
8. I Never Wanted You
9. Subversion
10. The Garden of the Lost
11. A Line on a Dark Day
12. Psychic Vampire

Tracks 1-6 unplugged in Belgium 5.6.2011, live in the backyard of Thomas Neidhardt
Engineered and recorded by Thomas Neidhardt, mixed by Adam Calaitzis in 2020Tracks 7-12 mixing desk recording by Thomas Neidhardt at  WGT Parkbuhne Leipzig Germany 11.6.2011
Mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios Melbourne 2020
Tracks 6-12 are the only surviving mixing desk recording tracks from the show
Chris McCarter-vocals,guitar
Dino Molinaro-bass
Clifford Ennis- guitar/vocals
David Burns-drums

IKON Live in Utrecht

King of Terror
The Disappeared
Black Roses
Fall Apart
Stranger I've Become
Ghost in My Head
Reality is Lost
Echoes of Silence
In Trust I Return
Blue Snow Red Rain
We Need You

Recorded live at Club Ekko Utrecht Holland 12.8.2001
Location recording by Anthony CornishMixed and mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios Melbourne Australia 2020

Chris McCarter-vocals,guitars
Dino Molinaro-bass
David Burns-drums
Anthony Griffiths-guitar,vocals

Before the Hour-only for boxset holders free of charge

Black Noise (instrumental demo 2012)
Dreams Never End (acoustic demo 2012)
My Dreams They Remind Me Of You (home demo 2010)
Gruss Vom Krampus (original demo 2015)
Little Drummer Boy (original demo 2015)
The Witch (aka once Upon a Time demo 2013)
Stolen (demo 1 2013 Chris vocals)
Blood of Love (acoustic demo 2013)
The End Shall Come 9original demo 2013)
Under the Moon (demo 2014)
I Burn For You (monitor mix 2013)
City of Night (demo 2011)
The Hunter (instrumental demo 2011)